Holiday Notice

The Chinese Holidays Calendar Guide

Thank you very much for your patronage. We are so sorry to annunciate that our service may be suspended for some time because of the public holidays. However, there is no need to worry, your orders can still be processed though your emails may not be answered promptly as usual or the delivery may be delayed. If you can’t accept the delay, please place your order before or after the holidays. We’re sorry for the inconvenience brought to you. Please contact our customer service if you have any questions or specified requirements.
By the way , you can get more information about Chinese holidays from the chart below. We will post the holiday notice on the main page of my site.

ChineseHoliday                     Time
New Year’s Day                        3 days, Jan1-3
Spring Festival                          15 days , February
Tomb-sweeping Day                 3 days , April
May Day                                    5 days , May 1-5
Dragon Boat Festival                3days ,  June or July
Mid-autumn Festival                 3days , September or October
National Day                            7 days, October 1-7

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